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What does the future hold for dress responsibly

This has been a fun, learning experience, but all good things must come to an end. The semester is officially over for me and with it my college career. However, I plan to start a new blog in the near future chronicling my post-graduate life. For now, here are my five best posts that you may wish to revisit. Thanks again for the support of all who’ve followed me!

1. A Look Inside Treasures on Broadway

2. No-Sew Pants Hem

3. Q&A With Luke Rodgers on the Goodwill Store of Glassboro, NJ

4. Dress A Girl Around the World with Nancy DeLizza

5. Pretty Little Things: Photos Around My Bedroom

The Spring Butterfly 2012 Sponsored by Treasures on Broadway

My mother and I attended the 2012 Spring Butterfly on Sunday, April 22nd. It was a lively event sponsored by Treasures on Broadway to benefit the Lupus Foundation of America (Philadelphia Tri-State Chapter.) It was held at Lucien’s Manor in Berlin, New Jersey. It may have been a rainy day outdoors, but inside spirits were high and the donations were flowing.

As soon as we entered we grabbed great seats in the front, got our plates of fruit to snack on, and scoped out the 54 baskets included in the chinese auction. There were beautiful pieces by Sweet Romance, a brand new Coach purse, Phillies tickets, and much, much more.

After carefully choosing where to place the 15 ticket stubs we purchased, we took our seats for the live auction. Two vacations, a signed Eagles football, and stunning jewelry were all auctioned off to an eager crowd. All the auction proceeds benefitted the Lupus Foundation.

The Phillie Phanatic caused quite a stir when he dropped by to assist with the live auction and get the crowd riled up. After running off with my purse he gave me a smooch on the nose, what a charmer.

After the auction, nine models strut their stuff while boutique owner, Theresa LaMonaca, MC’d each look. All of the clothing and accessories modeled can be found in her Pitman botique, Treasures on Broadway. The collections were all styled by LaMonaca herself and included looks inspired by “On the Way to Cape May”, “Uptown Girls”, “Quando Quando”, “Stronger”, “It’s a Wonderful World” and “Dancin’ on the Sun”.

I asked LaMonaca to share her feelings on this years Spring Butterfly;

“Turnout was great, on par with last year. I think the success is difficult for me to measure because the final numbers are not in yet. It looks like we raised around two thousand this year, we raised about the same amount last year.”

Believe it or not, LaMonaca single-handedly put the event together this year. She said, “I think for next year I’ll need a committee, I have a few volunteers so far. It was a great deal of work for me to do by myself. I’d like to sell more tickets next year. Also, I plan on pulling basket winners throughout the day rather than saving them all until the end.”

When asked about plans for next year’s Spring Butterfly, LaMonaca exclaimed, “I’ll need to diversify the audience to attract more bidders, especially for the live auction. I’d also like to add a phone call bank so if people cannot attend the event we will be able to take donations. We need to be able to reach a larger audience and work on greater sponsorship for next year.”

First time attendee, Kass Coulter, said “I had such a fun time! There were so many great people. I’ll be sure to make this a yearly event with my daughter!”

Overall, I feel the event was a great success. It was an afternoon filled with fresh spring fashions, wonderful auction items, and great networking opportunities. The most fulfilling aspect – all the proceeds benefitted the Lupus Foundation.

My yoga mat by Embark and yoga classes courtesy of Experience Yoga. 

Live at the 2012 The Spring Butterfly

Welcome to the Spring Butterfly 2012! The Phillie Phanatic dropped by to assist the live auction. (He also thought it’d be funny to steal my purse and I had to chase him down for it!)

Let the show begin! The first collection: on the way to Cape May!

The second collection was inspired by uptown girls. (I absolutely loved this sequenced BB Dakota blazer!)

Now for the evening wear!

Last but not least, the prom 2012 collection!

The fashion show finale, all the ladies looked stunning!


Looking over the program while waiting for lunch to be served. This was certainly a pick me up on such a lousy rainy day!

Just ate a delicious lunch, getting ready for the chinese auction! My mom and I have 15 chances to win, wish us luck!

Enjoying some live music with eating cake and sipping coffee, my favorite!

We’re winners! I’m going home with a new Embark yoga mat and 3 yoga classes courtesy of Experience Yoga!

Dress A Girl Around the World with Nancy DeLizza

It’s called Dress A Girl Around the World, and it’s a simple idea with big impact. Women from all over the country are sewing together dresses from pillowcases, discarded sheet sets, curtains, and numerous miscellaneous materials. These dresses are then distributed to girls in need all around the world.

All of the patterns are provided for free for anyone who wants to help. Whether you’re new to sewing or a pro, it’s a fun project that costs little to nothing and will make a huge impact in a little girl’s life.

My aunt, Nancy DeLizza, recently became involved in the project. Here she shows us how quick and easy it is to make a dress out of a piece of scrap of fabric. (FYI: she’s an experienced seamstress and finished an entire dress in about 15 minutes!)

Here’s the finished product. Nancy made about two dozen dresses so far!

Tune in Sunday for the Spring Butterfly

Hello, all! Remember the Spring Butterfly I mentioned in A Look At Treasures on Broadway? I’m lucky enough to be attending this Sunday, and I’d like to bring all the action to you! So tune in on Sunday, April 22nd at 1:00 PM for my first live blog post. Hope to see you then!

Photo courtesy of http://www.TreasuresOnBroadway.net

My Favorite Thrifted Accessories

Inspired by the ModCloth Blog’s “Fave Finds” I’ve decided to share some of my favorite thrifted items with you!

I’ve collected numerous thrift store treasures, so today I’ll share some of my favorite accessories with you. Enjoy!

Leather watch with diamond accent: $10 from Choices Thrift Shoppe 

Vintage scarves: $1 each from Choices Thrift Shoppe

*New Lucky Brand sandals: $39 from Treasures on Broadway

Vintage leather purse: $4 from Choices Thrift Shoppe

Vintage snakeskin belt: $1 from Choices Thrift Shoppe

No-Sew Pants Hem

Lacking in the height department, pant lengths have always caused a problem for me. For all you fellow shorties, I’d like to share this DIY no-sew pants hem for those thrifted finds that don’t quite fit.

You’ll need: HeatNBond iron-on adhesive (about $2.99 for 10 yards), pins, scissors, and an iron.

*Remember – wash and dry pants prior to any hemming! Try on your pants with the shoes you plan on wearing with them. Sometimes it’s safer to try on a few pairs and find a happy medium length.

1. Cuff each pant leg inward and pin them where you’d like them to fall (while you’re wearing them.) When you take the pants off, fold them in half vertically and check the lengths of both pant legs to make sure they’re even.

2. Heat up your iron to the silk setting. Don’t add any water to your iron for this!

3. Iron a crease on both sides of each hemmed cuff. Then flip your pants inside out.

4. Take the pins out of both pant legs. Don’t worry, the crease is going to hold the desired length. Measure and cut four even strips of adhesive.

5. Place one strip of adhesive, rough side down, inside of the creased cuff. Also, remember to refer to your package instructions.

6. Iron across the hem for about 30 seconds. Gently lift the cuff to see that the adhesive is sticking, then iron over the area again for another 15 seconds for safe measure.

7. Repeat three more times (once more on the other side of that leg plus twice on the opposite leg.)

8. Ta-da! After allowing the new hem to cool off, flip your pants right side out and you’re ready to roll!

Above: my very own step-by-step DIY pants hem.

Fashion Chat with Laura Vosbikian

Here’s a short fashion chat with Laura Vosbikian, a fellow Rowan student and fashion enthusiast.

Laura has a very eclectic, bohemian style that matches her truly unique spirit. By mixing thrifted finds from Plato’s Closet with trendy pieces found at retailers such as Forever 21, Laura creates one-of-a-kind looks that often reflect her favorite television and magazine picks.

Listen up to get inspired!

Q&A with Alicia Barnes, PR Manager at ModCloth

A personal favorite online retailer of mine is ModCloth. I discovered the site about two years ago and fell in love. ModCloth features retro-inspired clothing, accessories and decor from numerous indie (and some not-so-indie) designers. They also feature hand-picked vintage pieces that hardly last more than a few minutes before they’re sold!

While you’re there, check out the ModCloth Blog. Here you can find DIY projects, recipes, featured bloggers, and much more. Not to mention the “Fave Finds” section where followers upload photos of themselves wearing their favorite thrifted finds dishing on where they found it and how much it cost!

I reached out to ModCloth to get an inside peek at careers inside this California-based company. Alicia Barnes, Public Relations Manager at ModCloth, was kind enough to answer some questions for me. Enjoy!

Q: Explain what a typical day might be like at your job.

A: “I usually come into the office in the morning and try to get through any e-mails I didn’t answer the day before; these are usually inquiries from media requesting interviews or information, requests for donations or sponsorships, or offers from outside sites for collaboration on projects. In the afternoon, I usually have a lot of meetings with our campaign and technology teams, trying to figure out what’s coming up on the horizon and how we can best message it to our PR contacts. Then, in the later afternoon, I usually try to work on larger projects, like award submissions or parties and events our team might be planning.”

Q: What are some job responsibilities that are standard for your position?

A: “Manage the brand as it relates to collaborations, sponsorships, or contests with external organizations or sites. Ensure our press placements are brand-appropriate. Identify speaking opportunities and award opportunities. Write press releases about company news or new product features. Organize company donations and charitable giving opportunities.”

Q: What do you consider the most important skills for a person coming into the profession?

A: “Good communication skills and attention to detail, excellent writing skills, and a willingness to learn and adapt your writing style/messaging strategy to your client or employer.”

Q: How long have you been in the Public Relations field?

A: “Roughly a year and a half.”

Q: What career did you initially set out to pursue when entering college? Was this particular career at Modcloth on the radar for you at that time?

A: “I actually majored in English Literature and Nonfiction Writing at the University of Pittsburgh and didn’t find out about Modcloth until I applied in 2007. I was teaching English in Prague and found a listing for a Description Writer on Craiglist. From there, I moved into writing for our Modcloth Blog and then eventually coordinating the blog, and then moved into managing our public relations a year and a half ago.”

Q: If you had to choose your profession all over again, knowing what you know now, would you still choose this career? Why or why not?

A: “I never imagined myself having a career in Public Relations when I was in college, but I really love my job. I learn every day and I’m faced with a new challenge every day, which makes for an incredibly rewarding job. Also, I like that I can apply what I’ve learned as a writer to what I do now, as I constantly have to think about how to communicate what we do and who we are as a company, and to whom we should be communicating those messages.”