No-Sew Pants Hem

Lacking in the height department, pant lengths have always caused a problem for me. For all you fellow shorties, I’d like to share this DIY no-sew pants hem for those thrifted finds that don’t quite fit.

You’ll need: HeatNBond iron-on adhesive (about $2.99 for 10 yards), pins, scissors, and an iron.

*Remember – wash and dry pants prior to any hemming! Try on your pants with the shoes you plan on wearing with them. Sometimes it’s safer to try on a few pairs and find a happy medium length.

1. Cuff each pant leg inward and pin them where you’d like them to fall (while you’re wearing them.) When you take the pants off, fold them in half vertically and check the lengths of both pant legs to make sure they’re even.

2. Heat up your iron to the silk setting. Don’t add any water to your iron for this!

3. Iron a crease on both sides of each hemmed cuff. Then flip your pants inside out.

4. Take the pins out of both pant legs. Don’t worry, the crease is going to hold the desired length. Measure and cut four even strips of adhesive.

5. Place one strip of adhesive, rough side down, inside of the creased cuff. Also, remember to refer to your package instructions.

6. Iron across the hem for about 30 seconds. Gently lift the cuff to see that the adhesive is sticking, then iron over the area again for another 15 seconds for safe measure.

7. Repeat three more times (once more on the other side of that leg plus twice on the opposite leg.)

8. Ta-da! After allowing the new hem to cool off, flip your pants right side out and you’re ready to roll!

Above: my very own step-by-step DIY pants hem.


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