Live at the 2012 The Spring Butterfly

Welcome to the Spring Butterfly 2012! The Phillie Phanatic dropped by to assist the live auction. (He also thought it’d be funny to steal my purse and I had to chase him down for it!)

Let the show begin! The first collection: on the way to Cape May!

The second collection was inspired by uptown girls. (I absolutely loved this sequenced BB Dakota blazer!)

Now for the evening wear!

Last but not least, the prom 2012 collection!

The fashion show finale, all the ladies looked stunning!


Looking over the program while waiting for lunch to be served. This was certainly a pick me up on such a lousy rainy day!

Just ate a delicious lunch, getting ready for the chinese auction! My mom and I have 15 chances to win, wish us luck!

Enjoying some live music with eating cake and sipping coffee, my favorite!

We’re winners! I’m going home with a new Embark yoga mat and 3 yoga classes courtesy of Experience Yoga!


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