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What does the future hold for dress responsibly

This has been a fun, learning experience, but all good things must come to an end. The semester is officially over for me and with it my college career. However, I plan to start a new blog in the near future chronicling my post-graduate life. For now, here are my five best posts that you may wish to revisit. Thanks again for the support of all who’ve followed me!

1. A Look Inside Treasures on Broadway

2. No-Sew Pants Hem

3. Q&A With Luke Rodgers on the Goodwill Store of Glassboro, NJ

4. Dress A Girl Around the World with Nancy DeLizza

5. Pretty Little Things: Photos Around My Bedroom

Welcome, world!

I’m Jenn! I’m a senior communications student at Rowan University. This little project will be a semester-long endeavor for my Online Journalism class. When asked to choose a topic to blog about, my initial thought was something fashion-oriented. I’m an avid reader of fashion magazines and fashion blogs. However, being a college student, there’s not much money to be spread around on expensive clothing. Hence dress responsibly! A blog on where to find the best – and least expensive – clothing for your money.

In the coming months I hope to share with you my favorite thrift stores and consignment shops, explore south Jersey for new ones, and provide tips on how to maintain your wardrobe (and your wallet)! A few stories I’d like to run will include: interviewing shop owners to find out when the best time to shop is, where to find designer pieces, where to find great vintage pieces, what to do with tattered clothing, and where girls can go to sell last season’s styles!

Stay tuned!