No-Sew Pants Hem

Lacking in the height department, pant lengths have always caused a problem for me. For all you fellow shorties, I’d like to share this DIY no-sew pants hem for those thrifted finds that don’t quite fit.

You’ll need: HeatNBond iron-on adhesive (about $2.99 for 10 yards), pins, scissors, and an iron.

*Remember – wash and dry pants prior to any hemming! Try on your pants with the shoes you plan on wearing with them. Sometimes it’s safer to try on a few pairs and find a happy medium length.

1. Cuff each pant leg inward and pin them where you’d like them to fall (while you’re wearing them.) When you take the pants off, fold them in half vertically and check the lengths of both pant legs to make sure they’re even.

2. Heat up your iron to the silk setting. Don’t add any water to your iron for this!

3. Iron a crease on both sides of each hemmed cuff. Then flip your pants inside out.

4. Take the pins out of both pant legs. Don’t worry, the crease is going to hold the desired length. Measure and cut four even strips of adhesive.

5. Place one strip of adhesive, rough side down, inside of the creased cuff. Also, remember to refer to your package instructions.

6. Iron across the hem for about 30 seconds. Gently lift the cuff to see that the adhesive is sticking, then iron over the area again for another 15 seconds for safe measure.

7. Repeat three more times (once more on the other side of that leg plus twice on the opposite leg.)

8. Ta-da! After allowing the new hem to cool off, flip your pants right side out and you’re ready to roll!

Above: my very own step-by-step DIY pants hem.


Picture Tour – My Fair Lady

Happy Saturday, thrifters!

Here’s a mini photo-tour from my recent visit to My Fair Lady – a consignment shop in Pitman, NJ. If you’re looking for great vintage finds, this is the place!

The pictures above were taken by me at My Fair Lady in Pitman, NJ. 

Food for Thought: Nourish Your Inner Recessionista

Here are a couple articles in the world of fashion & thrift that I found interesting this week. Enjoy!

Q&A with Luke Rodgers on The Goodwill Store in Glassboro, NJ

The Goodwill Store of Glassboro, NJ is a popular destination for those looking for a great deal from a trusted source. Bonus, it’s less than a mile away from Rowan University’s campus. This store is the largest I’ve visited with an abundance of inventory. You can find anything you’re looking for from women’s clothing and accessories to furniture and house wares. Belts were $1 each, what’s better than that?

This afternoon I met with Luke Rodgers, assistant general manager at the Goodwill Store in Glassboro. He kindly took the time to answer a few questions about the Glassboro Goodwill Store. Enjoy! 

Q: Where does the store’s merchandise come from?

A: Merchandise comes from two sources. Customers can donate merchandise directly by dropping it off at any store location or Goodwill’s various donation sites. The Goodwill Store of Glassboro also receives new merchandise weekly from  the local Target store. This new merchandise is usually donated because of damaged packaging or cosmetic flaws.

Q: Where do the proceeds from store sales go?

A: The Goodwill Store is a non-profit organization. The mission: putting people to work. A portion of the store’s profit goes toward maintaining the property as well as paying employees. The remaining proceeds fund career services and job training for local residents with disadvantages and disabilities.

Q: Do you host any weekend specials or events?

A: Frequent shoppers can present their Goodwill VIP Club card to be punched each time they visit, the tenth punch results in 20% an entire purchase. This weekend, merchandise with a red, blue, or yellow tag is 50% off. These sales change frequently. For customers 55 and over, all purchases are 10% off on “Terrific Senior Tuesdays”. There’s always a 15% discount for high school and college students who present a valid student ID.

Q: What’s the best day to shop?

A: There’s new inventory every day. Monday through Friday employees can process as many as 1,500 items of clothing per day. House wares and other like merchandise are processed and put on the shelves immediately. Target donations are placed on the shelves on Mondays.

The pictures above were taken by me at The Goodwill Store in Glassboro, NJ.

Looking for a store in your area? There are currently 19 stores in the Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia region. Happy thrifting!

Thrifting for a Good Cause: Choices Thrift Shoppe

To my great surprise, this little Choices Thrift Shoppe was opened at the end of my development about a year ago. They’ve got a huge selection ranging from baby clothing to adult clothing as well as furniture and housewares. Their prices are unbeatable and the best part – you’re helping a good cause. All proceeds benefit the Choices of the Heart women’s resource center in Washington Township, NJ.

Appropriately, I stumbled upon this wikiHow article with tips on how to shop in a thrift store. If you’re new to thrifting you may want to skim it over so you know what you’re getting into before you dive in!

Happy weekend!

These photos were taken by me at the Choices Thrift Shoppe . The vintage Dooney & Bourke bag was only $25!